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Borealis Technical Limited, Gibraltar 28th October 1999


A thermionic Power Chip(tm) which works entirely from solar energy has been patented by research and development specialists Borealis Technical Limited.

The patent, titled "Method and Apparatus for Photoelectric Generation of Electricity" 5,973,259 was issued by the US Patent Office on October 26th 1999.

The patent covers a technology for generating electricity using a solar cell comprising two closely spaced electrodes separated by a vacuum. Unlike conventional photoelectric cells, the Borealis solar Power Chip(tm) does not have to concentrate light to work, and can generate electricity efficiently at ambient temperatures. As the solar energy warms the chip, so thermionic emission of electrons also contributes to the power generated, adding to the efficiency of the device.

"Solar Power Chips(tm) are a major advance in the provision of clean energy from renewable sources" says Borealis President Isaiah Cox. "This technology can be mass-produced using existing engineering techniques at a very low cost."

The full text of the patent, and other material relating to Borealis Power Chips(tm) can be downloaded from the Borealis web site at

Borealis Technical Limited is a subsidiary of Borealis Exploration Limited (US NASD: BOREF; Canada OTC: BSXC). Borealis Exploration Limited has 5,000,000 shares outstanding.

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