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How to Get Involved

There are a number of ways you can get more involved with Borealis.

Learn About Borealis

If you subscribe to the BoreyNet you will receive a weekly email newsletter about our activities and regular updates on the stock price. You can gain familiarity with our activities and operating style this way.

Advise Borealis

We are always keen to hear from our shareholders. We like to know what you expect from the company and we like to answer your questions and keep you as informed as possible. This is an important part of our management strategy. We believe many companies waste an important resource - the experience of the people who have invested in them.

Help Borealis

When we go out to persuade industrial giants that our technology can change the world in which they do business, it's an uphill task. We pay great fees for successful introductions. Many of our best leads have come from Borealis shareholders who have specialist knowledge of a particular industry, or who can put us in touch with the right people.

Work With Borealis

Our staff and consultants are all shareholders - they share the same commitment to the success of the company as investors and senior management. If you have skills which you think can be put to good use - be they legal, marketing, scientific, technical, or just plain energy and smarts - we would like to hear from you.

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