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Borealis Corporate Ethics Statement

Borealis Exploration Limited and all subsidiary companies within the Borealis Group abide as a matter of policy by the following principles:

  1. Borealis values integrity and honesty in its business dealings. Borealis personnel are encouraged to be truthful and trustworthy in their dealings with customers, clients and associates. Borealis honors contractual obligations and does not knowingly break agreements or seek to manipulate their sense to the detriment of other parties.

  2. Borealis is an equal opportunity employer.

  3. Borealis regards its employees and consultants as valued members of the extended family of 'Borealis people'.

    As such, employees and consultants are encouraged to participate fully in all aspects of company activity, and are encouraged to bring any and all concerns about their work to senior management without fear of reprisal.

  4. Borealis regards its shareholders and customers as valued members of the extended family of 'Borealis people'.

    As such, Borealis welcomes the advice and input of shareholders and customers in all relevant business activities.

  5. Borealis operates in many different countries of the world, and under many different jurisdictions. Borealis respects the laws and customs of the regions in which it operates, and does not knowingly offend against them.

  6. Borealis makes extensive use of the Internet to conduct business. Borealis is opposed to the use of censorship or other forms of Government regulation to control the Internet, and supports efforts to create a viable self-regulatory structure which protects the vulnerable from abusive material while retaining the ability to freely exchange information.

  7. Borealis respects and values the natural environment and does not knowingly damage or pollute those natural resources which are the heritage of all. In all activities where environmental issues are of concern, Borealis seeks at all times to minimise environmental damage and to work closely with Governmental agencies and local sensibilities to ensure this.

  8. Borealis believes in making as much information about the company available to the public as is consistent with good business practice and obligations to third parties. Information so published is, to the best knowledge of the company, truthful and an honest representation of the opinions of Borealis management.

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