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Borealis Affiliated Companies

Borealis Exploration Limited, CUSIP # 099720 10 4, has principal ownership interests in its subsidiaries, all of which (other than Faraway Holdings (Barbados) Limited and Roche Bay Holdings (Barbados) Limited, which are registered in Barbados, and Borealis Exploration Incorporated and WheelTug Limited, which are registered in USA) are registered in Gibraltar:

Directly held:

    Borealis Technical Limited
    Borealis Exploration Incorporated
    Credits Holdings Limited
    Faraway Holdings Limited
    Roche Bay Holdings Limited

Indirectly held:

Borealis Technical Limited is the umbrella for all of Borealis’ research and development work. Each of these projects, once they reach a suitable development stage, has license rights for that technology spun off to a subsidiary company which can then raise and spend funds specifically on the basis of that technology. Borealis Technical remains the ultimate repository of all invention assignments, and the subsidiary companies start out as wholly owned subsidiaries.

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